Team Ranking

It’s important in our Team Ranking process for you to be as honest about your team’s competitive level as possible. Our goal is to provide you with as many games as possible at the appropriate competitive level. You will use this criteria when asked to rank your team during the registration process.
Rank Description
My team is probably one of the top teams in our age group. We’ll play anyone.
We can play anyone. We could play the best teams and be competitive but we could play the lower A division teams and it would be a good game.
We are an A division team but there’s no way we can compete with the top tier teams in the division. We’d be competitive with most teams but are probably too good to be in the B division.
We are a borderline A/B division team. We are too good for the lower level B teams but would match up fine with the average to above average B division teas. On a good day we could compete with the bottom of the A division.
We are definitely a B division team. We couldn’t play with any A division teams. We’d beat the bottom of the B division teams but wouldn’t blow them out. Every other B team we’d match up well with.
We are right in the middle of the B division. We’d probably lose to the top B teams and would win most of the games against the bottom of the B division.
We are towards the bottom of the B division. I know we can’t compete with the top of the B division. We’d hold our own with the middle of the B division. We could be most competitive with the bottom of the B division.
We are the bottom of the B division and could even play some C teams. We would lose most of our games to the average B division teams.
We are definitely a C division team. We are bad. We could beat the normal YMCA level team but that would be it.
There’s no way a team could be worse than we are. We would be lucky to win a game in a YMCA type league.