Performing Groups

Performing Groups:

Cheerleaders, Dance Groups, Pon Pons, etc.

These groups will be allowed to perform at various venues, in support of their teams, providing:

a). A sponsor of the group is present
b). Every member of the group has a signed waiver, on file, with the CnR League (specifically with Monica Tritz and/or Alison Todd)
c). NO lifts, stunts, or activities are performed in which the site supervisor deems dangerous, unless:

1). A written insurance document (either school coverage or personal coverage), for each individual is ON FILE with the CnR league (specifically Monica Tritz and/or Alison Todd.

2). When/If the league has the necessary insurance documents on file, Monica and/or Alison will send notification to ALL of the site supervisors, indicating which Performing Groups are allowed to perform, and to which extent the groups may perform (example: stunts, lifts, etc.)