Frequently Asked Questions

Are all CNR teams elite level teams?

No- not at all.  We have a variety of good, average, and recreational teams.  I’d say the vast majority of our teams are feeder based teams consisting of kids who will all end up at the same high school together.  In many cases, we have schools put in multiple teams at varying skill levels and grade levels.

Are there any special quirks to the rules?

We try to make things as much “high-school” like as possible.  Especially at all of our high schools, we have the bleachers out, chairs set-up, scoreboard on, etc.  We have two adult referees for the game, and there’s a winner and a loser.  We play two 20 minute halves with a running clock.  The clock stops in the last minute of the first half and the last two minutes of the second half.  All games take place on the hour, which means if you start your game at 3 you’ll most likely be walking out to the parking lot at 4. We have some pressing regulations where at the younger ages, you can’t or can but with restrictions based on score or time of the game.  But besides that, everything else is pretty normal.  All of our rules can be found on our website at

Can you guarantee competitive match ups?

Sure, we’d like to be able to guarantee competitive match ups, but anyone who says they can is unrealistic.  Whether it’s 10 year-olds or the professionals, games are determined by what happens on the court or the field.  However, what we try to do is on paper put your teams in the best position by arranging what we feel are potential competitive matchups.  We do this by using a ranking system.  When each team joins the league, a team has to rank themselves based on a 10 thru 1 scale we’ve put together.  So when the schedule gets put together, if you ranked yourself a 6, you’ll see the vast majority of your games are against teams within a number or two of your ranking.

Can you schedule around our conflicts?

Yes- as long as we know in advance of those conflicts, we can work around them.  Whether it’s a case of you need to avoid a certain time frame on a day or you have a few weekends you need to avoid all together, we can take care of that.  Maybe you’re a team who just wants to play four doubleheaders on four specific dates and be done- we can take care of that as well.  We realize people’s lives are hectic and they have many things going on.  We take pride in the fact that we can make things a little easier on people from a basketball standpoint.

Do you host any tournaments?

Yes, CNR offers several tournaments.  Most of our teams will participate in the St. Louis Youth Jamboree (November), CNR Pre Season Tournament (November), CNR January Bash (January) and CNR Post Season Tournament (February).  All tournaments can be found under our Tournaments tab on the CNR Basketball website.  Feeder based teams also look forward to the St. Louis Jingle Jam that takes place in late December ( 

How do we know if we are the Home Team or Away Team?

Uniforms- Home vsAway– We get this question alot.  Who is home and who is away?  If you look at your schedule online, and if you see a Vs., then you are the away team and you will wear dark uniforms.  If you don’t see a Vs. next to the opponent, you are the Home team and you will wear white uniforms.  All that being said, we always ask teams to be prepared to switch colors.  Whether it’s because some teams only have one color- or because another team simply wears the wrong color, please come to the game prepared to change colors.

I have questions about the league, who should I contact?

Email us at or call the CNR Hotline at 314-343-9827.

If our team is a new team, is CNR still for us?

Yes- you are still a fit- and if you wouldn’t be a fit, we’d let you know and we could give you your options then.  In the CNR League, we have good teams, average teams, and bad teams- and plenty of all of them.  Just as we previously mentioned, we try to have good play against good, average play against average, and bad play against bad.

What if issue arises during a game, who do we contact?

At every gym there will be a site supervisor in charge.  They are there to help you with any questions you have, to collect any paperwork or money you have to turn in, or if any problems arise, they are there to troubleshoot the situation. If all else fails, you can email us at or call the CNR Hotline at 314-343-9827.
If it’s an issue involving a code of conduct type situation, we have people who within those few days after the incident will contact you and handle those situations.  We also have a Head of Officials who handle any referee issues you have.

What is CNR Basketball?

CNR is a youth basketball organization that has a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter basketball league.   The summer basketball league takes place on Monday thru Thursday evenings from the beginning of June through mid-July.  Our summer league has boys’ and girls’ divisions from varsity all the way down through 3rd grade.  The hallmark of CNR Basketball is it’s Winter basketball league.  Games take place mainly on Saturdays and Sundays from early December thru late February.  The Winter league has boys’ and girls’ divisions for grades 3 thru 8.  We also offer a Spring league (early April thru late May) and Fall League (early September to end of October).

What is the cost?

The cost is $65 per game per team.  It’s completely up to you on how many games your team plays in any of our sessions.  We have some teams who play an eight game schedule, some ten, some 12, some even 24 games.

When do we pay our league fees?

If you have your money and want to pay and get that taken care of, we’ll obviously take it.  However, we realize many teams have to round up their money from each parent- and in many cases, that’s taking place at the first or second game.  We’re a league that takes people for their word.  Whether it’s in November or it’s after your second or third game, when you have the money, we know you’ll turn it in.

You can make payment the following ways:

By Mail – CNR Basketball
632 Autumn Rise Lane
Columbia, IL 62236

Online – You can make an online payment with this link –

Paying a Site Supervisor – If you wish to pay a site supervisor, email us at and we will get you setup with a supervisor to pay.

Where do we play our games?

We use gyms all over the metropolitan St. Louis area.  A gym like Fox not only serves those South County and Jefferson County teams, but it attracts teams down towards Farmington, Poplar Bluff, and Jackson.  Eureka High School not only serves those teams on Highway 44, but it attracts teams towards Rolla as well.  Gyms such as Lindbergh and Valley Park serve as a perfect mid-point for some South and West County teams.  For those teams in St. Charles, we all use of the Fort Zumwalt High schools- as well as St. Charles West High, St. Charles Hardin Middle, Troy, Orchard Farm, and Zion Lutheran Church.  Other locations we use are Ladue, Kirkwood, Parkway Central, Parkway North, Arlington Baptist Church, Lafayette, MICDS, John Burroughs, Notre Dame, Center St. Louis, Windsor, and Dupo (IL).

Why choose CNR?

There are other leagues out there that I’m sure do a terrific job.  However, other leagues have a hard time competing with the variety we offer at CNR Basketball.  Our league motto is “we are here to provide you with potential competitive matchups at convenient locations working around your conflicts”.
Here’s the key thing.  Some leagues may offer you a great location to play at.  However, odds are, we also offer gyms in that exact same area.  What we can offer that others can’t is the overall variety.  We can match you up with teams that you normally may not see.  For example, if you are a West County team, we could provide you matchups with teams from Jackson all the way through Troy.  More importantly, in many leagues, they may have 12 total teams in your grade level.  In our league, in most ages, we typically have anywhere from 50-70 teams per grade level.  You won’t be playing the same team twice and even three times like they do in some other leagues.

Will all of our games be close to our home gym?

Here’s what we try to guarantee teams.  We try to get at least half of your games at what we’d consider being gyms that are close to home.  For example, if you are a St. Charles based team, we’d essentially consider all of the Zumwalts and the St. Charles based schools as home schools.  If you’re a team in South County, host sites for you may include Fox, Lindbergh, Center St. Louis- maybe even Windsor and Dupo.  However, we want teams to understand they have to travel as well.  In order to create the competitive matchups we talked about, we’re going to need to matchup up South County vs. St. Charles.  That may include a South County team making one trip a season to St. Charles- or vice versa.  It also could mean both those teams just meeting in the middle at a West County school.  The bottom line is- when all is said and done- the vast majority of our teams are thrilled by the locations of their games.