CNR Rival Days

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CNR Rival Days

CNR Basketball is excited to introduce Rivalry Days as part of the 2018-19 Winter League Schedule.

Programs will feature as many of their teams as possible against each other at the corresponding grade levels. The program with the most victories on the day will be presented a plaque for their school’s trophy case.

December 16th Rival Day Match up – Marquette hosting Rockwood Summitt


The first rivalry day takes place on the opening weekend of the season as the Ft. Zumwalt South Bulldogs will host the Marquette Mustangs on December 2nd.

Games will get underway at 9am and continue through 9pm.

Future Rivalry Day Matchups will feature:

Team Team Date
Marquette Ft. Zumwalt South 12/2
Rockwood Summit Marquette 12/16
Fort Zumwalt West St. Dominic 1/5
Ft. Zumwalt South Ft. Zumwalt North 1/20
Mehlville School District Lindbergh 1/20
Rockwood Summit Eureka 1/20
Ft. Zumwalt West Francis Howell 1/20
Ladue Parkway Central 1/20
St. Dominic Christian O’Fallon 1/26
Westminster MICDS 1/26
Parkway Central Eureka 1/27
Wentzville Tribe Pioneer Elite 1/27
Wentzville Wolves St. Charles West 1/27
Clayton Westminster 2/9
Parkway West/South MICDS 2/9
Wentzville Tribe Liberty 2/9



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